Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crying over spilt....pudding?

So my first story actually comes from a couple of weeks ago, but is well worth sharing. There is a man, probably about 35-40 years old, that brings his lunch usually. This one particular day, I was walking through the break room after our shift had started. I asked him how it was going and he replied, "Not good," and just continued sitting there. When I probed to find out why it was not going well, he began describing his problem. As it turns out, on this day his lunch contained a pudding snack. You know? One of those individual little cups of pudding. Well, it turns out that someone that had either punched or threw his lunch box and made his pudding pack explode inside his lunch box which had made him extremely angry. In my job, we are always on the phones with customers, and he felt like he could not contain himself to be polite to people with the state of anger that he was in. He said that he was just going to stay in the break room a little longer and cool down before going home for the day instead of working. He wanted to think about who could have destroyed his pudding snack. Now, keep in mind that this is a grown man we are talking about here. I told him that would be fine, if he didn't think he could be polite and professional on the phone, then I would also prefer him not to work that day.

About an hour later, he came to the office that I was working in smiling and really happy. He said that he finally figured out who destroyed his pudding snack. I automatically assumed he was happy because he was going to rage on this person and destroy them. It turns out that he was so happy because he realized that when he was at home he had kicked his lunch box out of his way and that was what had happened to his pudding.

Again, I had to listen to a 37ish year old man complain about someone destroying the dessert in his lunch box and want to go home for the day, all because he had kicked his lunch box earlier in the day. All of this over a pudding snack...


  1. this is just sad. hope the future weeds out the idiots.

  2. thats the kid inside of him talking. pudding snacks are srs biznes.

  3. Again, I read an unknown year old blogger complain about someone destroying the dessert in some dude's lunch box and wanting to go home for the day, all because he had kicked his lunch box earlier in the day. All of this over a pudding snack...

    I don't think I shall return. But nice try. Boring. I don't care what happens to you at work. Besides, it didn't happen unless their were pictures.

  4. haha great story, actually read lol

  5. Did Bill Cosby come by and shake his head?